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Why aren't you on the Regimen?

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I considered putting this in the acne.org regimen sub forum, but since it pertains to people using OTC medications that AREN'T some form of 2.5% BP, I decided this would be the best place for the topic. Of course, move it if I'm wrong.

So why aren't you on the acne.org regimen? I've been experimenting with OTC products since I was like 13 (I'm 17 now) and nothing has really worked for me at all except for the regimen. Obviously there are plenty of cons to it, and I'm wondering what made you all think that other products would work better. If you have a specific experience of the regimen NOT working and something else getting the job done, I'd love to hear it - mostly just cause I'm interested, not cause I'm looking for an alternative.

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Some people live in countries where dan doesn't ship his products, for others it hasn't worked. Some people are too young to buy off the net.

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because the regimen takes time...time for you to applly it ...time for it to work at least 3 months ...thats a long time...and people want fast results....they give up because of the dryness redness ect..

and those of us who have stuck with it through out the hardest time get a reward at the end wich is clear skin....

but the initial breakout and all the side effects and breaouts through out the journey ...will be rewarded the end

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