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Dermaroller positives and negatives

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Hello there :)

I've also had some mixed results to rolling BUT I think this is due to rolling way too frequently in the beginning (3x within a week in Jan and then again in Feb with a 1.5 roller). I have subsequently allowed 8 weeks before my most recent rolling and I intend to wait 3 months before my next session. I don't use a numbing cream and I'm applying topical multivitamin creams for 2 weeks after each session.

I wanted to fill in some mild acne scarring, firm up aging skin on my face and fill in some deep, nasty stretch marks on my boobs. 3 treatments in and the skin on my face is tighter and lifted with smoothed pores and diminished lines. My forehead, however, is still heavily lined and seems to actually be looser with a roughened texture. I rolled this area much more aggressively - this could be why it looks worse. It's early days still but I'm hoping that this is just the old skin being shed.... here's hoping anyway!!

My mild acne scarring has filled in well and is no longer red and other marks are fading too. The really dramatic results, however are on my boobs!! My stretch marks are pretty horrendous - deep grooves that have made the skin very slack. I am astonished but they are filling in - not only that but the skin on my boobs is firming up creating a subtle lifting effect! It's still very early days and I believe it's going to take a long time to see significant results but I just wanted to share my positive experiences of dermarolling along with the negatives. I would recommend cautious enthusiasm, rolling only once every 3 months and assessing results carefully each time.

Hope this info is helpful. Love and best wishes to all xx

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