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I notice some weird pattern in my acne

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My acne was the worst when I was 14 and I broke out like wildfire, due to me having very poor hygiene. I'm 21 now and it's loads better, but I still grow pimples and the funny thing is, there's a pattern.

When I started having acne at 13, it was all whiteheads on my forehead. They didn't bother me and after they cleared up, I've rarely had acne on my forehead. When I was 14, I broke out left and right on my cheeks, chest and back. It was moderate acne and I regularly picked on them, leaving icepick scars all over. This persisted until I was 18, then I rarely get acne on my cheeks. The bacne persisted until last year.

From then onwards, acne only grows on my jawline and chin. Nasty nodules were common and I have no idea why these pimples seem to have a life of their own. The trouble is that they seem to be transitioning and now I start growing nodules on my neck. On the upside, I rarely get acne on my face nowadays and my acne is probably considered mild-moderate now, but how the heck do I stop this madness once and for all? Anyone know the cause?

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I have notice something similar to this, my Acne was first on my temples and Chin and about a year later it was concentrated on my cheeks only. A year after that it was Forehead and Chin only. Now it is just around my mouth. wierd.

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I seem to be following the same pattern. It's been all on my forehead since I was 12, and slowly climbed down to my cheeks, then disappeared completely when I turned 15... Then it started hitting my cheeks BAD when I turned 16... Now I'm almost 17 and I'm nearly clear again.

It's probably just changing hormones... Or changing skin. The acne coincidentally starting hitting my cheeks when I started getting facial hair. I Hope I don't have to worry about it on my chin now.

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