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Tropical climate and acne

hello all, my name is Simon, and wanted to run my unique situation by you, and see if anyone has any advice, or is/has been in a similar situation:

*I live in the caribbean, it is summer,and extremely humid.

*I work outside on a boat 5/6 days a week, and spend a fair amount of the time sweating.

*The sun is very hot, so I have to apply a waterproof sunscreen on at least twice daily.

*BP 2.5% worked for me in winter, but now doesnt hav the same effect, so Im using 5%. This is great considering im working in the sun all day! and I cant use a moisturizer with an spf in it, because my job requires me to be in the ocean twice daily, and it would get rubbed off. so i put moisturizer on (clinique moisture surge), and then clinique spf 50 for faces.

*For some reason, even with all the moisture in the air, my skin still gets dry and irritated, I guess its from the BP, but its irritated even in places im not using it! (my cheeks).

*I have to shave everyday for work, so my acne has trouble healing .

*so, to summarize..I use BP which seems to be the only thing which can kinda dry up my skin, but i work in the hot caribbean sun all day! I sweat profusely all day, and my morning regime is as follows: cleanse face, put shaving gel on, then put moisturizer on, then sunscreen after that, then a couple hours later have to jump in the salty ocean!

I'm leaving the island for good in 2 months, and its all I can think about. Im going on vacation to South africa for 6 weeks, and am hoping with the cooler climate on the coast, as well as not having to apply a hundred things on my face and then having it rubbed off by the ocean, will have a positive effect on my face...

I kinda just wanted to get this off my chest, but if you have any words of wisdom I would really appreciate it!

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Well, salt water has a really good effect on infections. If you've ever noticed when you have a cut, it heals in salt water (I noticed this on vacation once). So I would say don't fret about the ocean. It's with you, not against you. Actually, the water should be really working for you, considering that you're in the water every day.

Btw, you must have a really cool job to be able to go in the ocean twice on a daily basis! I bet it's even better due to living in the tropics...

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