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Newbie here, help with my regime

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Hi everyone, i just found this site and am gonna try this regime to see if it helps me at all. Im 38 yrs and struggle like crazy with acne, especially since im perimenoposaul, it has really gotten worse.

Im going to stick with the line of cleanser and moisturizer i have. I am using skin effects glycolic cleanser, cell2cell anti wrinkle serum and their glycolic moisturizer with spf 30. I have been using benzoil peroxide 10% as a spot treatment. Doesnt work well, so I went to cvs and bought acnefree brand 2% benzoil perozide, they didnt have 2.5%. I bought this one because it was buy one get one for 50% off and since we use so much i thought it would be a good choice until i buy some from this site. I also started taking 500mg of niacin yesterday after discoving this site and reading about the niacin. I heard about that from another site and they recommended i come here to read more about it.

So, im going to wash my face, use the serum i have, use the benzoil peroxide, then moisturize.

I also tan about once a week and was thinking maybe i should quit tanning my face totally. Use a towel to cover my face or something. I dont go often but i dont know if this makes it worse. I have actually heard that tanning can help acne but nothing has helped mine yet. What do you think about the tanning?

One question i do have for the ladies is it says to only wash your face a couple of minutes, well in the evenings taking off my makeup i use the oil cleansing method, half castor oil and half extra virgin olive oil. I usually rub this into my skin for quite a while to get the makeup off and then use a hot washcloth to get the oil off. What do most of you do to get your makeup off at night? Im wondering if it will be ok to continue to do this.

Well, wish me luck with this. I hope it works. I have had acne forever and it would be so nice to have something that actually works.

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