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Which one is be better? Proactiv's or Clinque's three step routine?

+ What's a good BP instead of neutrogena's on the spot one since its so small?


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WELL ive not used either but i hear lots of people mention pro active.

i think the clinique looks good, even people with dry combination skin get on with there stuff, so that appeals for someone like me. I might buy a kit and give it a shot.

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clinique is amazing.

i used it when i was 12-13.

i stopped using it cause it cleared up my skin. (:

also if you live in europe try out vichy.

pro-activ is harsh, and it's like a drug.

use it - good.

stop - skin gets worse.

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ah good some positive things about clinique,

i am male, should I try the 3 step program or should I try the 3 step anti blemish program? or the 3 step male program gah! not sure what to try

it seems the man 3 step is cleanse, exfoliate (scruffing lotion) then spf21 which is a sun screen with moisturiser in one product.

or do i go for the womens version (if you like) which is cleanser toner (exfoliant) and moisturiser (dramatically different lotion)

or! the 3 step anti blemish which seems to contain BP in the moisturiser

ugh so confused

when you say its good what product are you referring to, sorry for the questions

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just got talk to the ladies at the clinique counter. they'll analyse your skin and tell you which is best for you

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i dont know about clinique since I haven't used it before but all I can say is Proactiv did not work for me that long...

during the time I was using Proactiv it made my present pimples more irritated..I have oily face and the lotion made it oilier...

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clinique item are actually very easy to understand

woman series from 1 to 4 in 3 steps

men series from 1.5 - 4.5 in 3 steps

men and woman skin differs in texture and thickness

hence the different in numbers and texture

but the above series are normal skin care

clinique have an acne series

that's basically unisex

in 3 steps.. just 1 version

cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize

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