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flakes and more flakes!!

I started the regimen about 3 weeks ago. The first 2 weeks I was surprisingly pleased with results, it got rid of the few pimples i had at the onset of the regimen an made it perfectly clear. Its week 3 and I can barely even rub the BP over my skin after I wash it- that is how dry it is. There are flakes all over my face, I even tried lowering the amount of bp (i wasnt using a lot to begin with)- i tired using 1 pump, and now ive gone back to half a pump. Anyways, i know it cant be good for my skin to have leave the dead skin on my face , I try moisturizing and masks the flakes somewhat but doesnt that clog my pores? having "moisturized" dead skin under makeup???

At first I was hesitant to try the jojoba oil, but now I am going to give it a go?

I just have a few questions- which is the most effective was of using it for seriously flaky skin. People on this site seem to have good results using it after the cleanser- but do you wait 5 min before applying the jojoba oil - and then another 5 min after that to apply the BP?? Also is it best to apply jojoba to a damp or dry face? and should the jojoba oil be washed off once it has been applied, so that the BP is then applied directly to the face with no jojoba oil residue???

PLEASE HELP!!! It is my birthday next week and i would love to get rid of these flakes before then. I am also open to other suggestions people have for getting rid of dry flaky skin! One last jojoba oil question- should jojoba oil not be applied to active pimples an just the dry flakes??

thanks! looking forward to some answers!

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