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Zit That Turned Into Burn Which Turned Into Large Herpes Lookin' Scab. >__

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I got a rather large cyst under my lip that hurt so ridiculously much. So I did what I always do; but some toothpaste on it to dry it up.

Lo and behold, I used the gel kind, and though it dried out, I then had an enormous dark burn under my lip.

Then I picked at it. Picked at it more. Exfoliated it. Picked at it. Put scorching hot water on it. Now it is an enormous red raw wound which looks more like herpes than anything.

I can sort of pass it off as 'Haw haw look at this bug bite', but seriously, it's UGLY.

Im using Neosporin and not peeling the one day scab off, but what can I do? It's big and I desperately need it to be gone in at least a week. Thank you!

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Um, it sounds to me like it's an infection from the combination of you picking at it and the burning it with hot water.

The toothpaste thing is just a big myth. Some people say it works, but why use toothpaste (keyword being TOOH here) for your acne when you can use something clinically proven like oh I dunno... benzol peroxide?

If it's just a scab I say leave it, put some neosporin on it and STOP PICKING. Seriously. That's where your problems are all coming from.

My uncle started picking a zit on his back and because of the picking he had to have it SURGICALLY removed because it became incredibly infected. So please. Leave your mouth alone, it's a very sensitive area.

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