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Possible Benozyl Peroxide 2.5% burn

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Hi i used Benozyl Peroxide 2.5% on my cheeks (which didn't have any acne on it but i put it on there to test it to see how it would react)about 4 months a ago , i must have used too much and it became very red the next morning i went out to do some work the next day and it was sunny which made my skin pretty tight.Over the next couple of weeks i slashed on moisturiser and E45 ream like there was no tomorrow which healed it all up i was happy there was a very , very slight darkening on one cheek in a tiny area. After that i noticed that whenever i washed my cheeks they were very sensitive to whenever i touched them .So from then on i kinda just dunked my head inside and out of the water to keep clean.

Which led to only having one experience of it going dry and slightly red during the winter months that was because i didn't apply any moisturiser for a while.

Now its come to the summer now its not been neccesarily warm so i havent put any moisuriser or suncream on. But after starting my cricket season i have noticed that my skin has become very red and ive also got like i think broken veins .

This led to me now applying tons of moisturiser but it doesnt seem to get rid of the redness now as it did before . Im 17 so i feel very self conscious. Aside effect of me putting on lots of moisturiser which i didnt get first time is pimples.

I have applied suncream before some of my cricket games, but if u understand what being a keeper is and an opening bat entails you wearing a helmet which means i shouldnt be sunburnt .As hardly any sun can get through.


im starting to get worried bout whether ive permanent damage so if someone can give feedback or what to do that would really be good.

i can give u photographic evidence if u want . :boohoo:

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