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Easy way to calculate your total accutane dose..try it.

*moderator edit* this is the formulation I go thru- you ll be surprised how accurate it is.

*moderator edit* try to aim for 120-150 mg / kg total culmulative dose to give remission in 80% of individuals - * abit more for severe trunkal acne, or family hx of acne....

OK OK Say you re 70 KG... thus divide by ten , then add 2... thats the number of boxes of Roaccutane you will need. In this case... 70/10 = 7... add 2 = 9 Boxes ( of 20 mg ... 60 caps in abox.)

Hence the formula is BODY WEIGHT divided by 10, then add 2.

Thats how I keep track with my patients progress...

# in exceptional situations this does not apply, however in 90% of cases, this formulation works a treat...

*moderator edit*

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I find this interesting because my derm hasn't weighed me, nor has he asked me my weight etc. And i know that your dose is dependant on your weight but he doesnt seem to think so obviously? unless he weighs me like month 3 or so to see how much longer i should take it (im only in my 2nd month now)

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