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Mild Acne. Recommended dosage

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Hey guys.

Has anyone on here has had mild acne & been on accutane treatment?

What dosage were you guys taking & for how long. I'm taking 0.5mg/kg (30mg) a day & after a month I haven't noticed anything.

There doesn't seem to be any clear answer of accutane dosage for mild acne?

Thanks :)

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You should not be taking accutane for mild acne...period. The risks far outweigh the benefits. I suspect you must be self-medicating because doctors should not be prescribing accutane for mild acne at all. And taking accutane without being monitored by a doctor is completely dangerous due to potential blood chemistry problems and other side effects.

Dermatologists are concerned that accutane will be taken completely off the market unless it is used for only the toughest cases of acne. Don't do something foolish to have it removed from the market for those who really need it and where the benefits are worth the risk.

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Yeah if you have mild acne, you should take something else. Accutane is only a last resort measure.

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RyanPowell, I am completely in your boat...

I would not say my acne was severe (thankfully). I got a few little spots the day after i shaved, and my forehead had a couple of new ones daily, and the odd one on my back, but thankfully I can't remember ever having a spot on my nose or cheeks.

I tried all the usual antibiotics, that helped in the short term, but it just came back.

I am on 40mg a day and weigh 83kg. am now on day 65? i think anyway :/

I had an initial breakout, which i expected, so meh. and then i seemed to be clearing up a bit, but then broke out again. As we speak, I'd say my skin was about the same as when i started... perhaps a tad better. BUT NO PAIN, NO GAIN my friend.

From what I've read, some people breakout all throughout their course, so I wouldn't worry too much. I know it's very annoying and you just wish you could click you fingers and be 6 months in the future, but put it this way, if acne is our major 'problem' in life, then I still think we should count ourselves lucky..

Hope my experience helps at all... :boohoo:

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