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Current Status: Working like a charm

Regimen: 2.5%BP, Water, Fucking loads of vitamins, no chocolate.

Time on regimen: 3 days.

3 days ago i was a 18 year old in the mirror wondering if there was anything i could do, with moderate acne i could not live with constantly renewing. Already though i am seeing some incredible results, so i've decided to share what i can with you. My Regimen at the moment is essentially a combination of Dan's and Axxith's. Axxith's really did clear me up almost perfectly for 3 months. I eased off it and acne crept back in, for some reason it by itself couldn't defeat the second wave of acne, possibly due to my eating sugary foodstuffs. Now though my new regimen is keeping me both confident and optimistic.

And without further ado:

My Reginmen details-

(Shave: Use just water and a razor for facial area. This can be hard but the trick is just to be very slow, gentle, take your time and use LOADS of hottish water to soften hairs.)

1) Wash using a gentle cleanser - I use Cetaphil but on days where i've had to use even soap it hasn't been a disaster not to use. I personally use a very tiny amount of it, perhaps a 1cm wide blob.

2) Gently apply 60 splashes of cold water across face- all evenly of course. Pat gently with towel and Wait 10-15 minutes for skin to dry.

3) Apply BP: Start on a very low dosage but be comforted that even this will help. Definately nothing bigger than a pea-sized amount, a half if you want to be safe. Mix in with mousturizer when starting out and be as gentle as possible during application. Basically follow Dan's regimen to the mark in this respect. (Remember some form of sun protection is needed.). FFS don't do too much too soon.

During the day-

4) Take the following vitamins during the day, in my experience they all can help-

Alpah Lipoic acid, Fish Oil, Vitamin D3, Niacin, Vitiman B5 and Zinc. As long as you take em half an hour apart you should be okay. If you can't be bothered with these you'll probably at least want to make sure you're taking zinc, many studies have proven it to be effective to a point, so it makes the perfect supplement to the regimen.

5) Aim to drink at very least 8 good glasses of water a day. This is not only good for your skin in itself but should also assist in helping your body take in vitamins.

6) Don't eat chocolate- You can make up your own mind about this and dietary elements but i really think it's just a silly thing to do. I'll eat all sorts of cakes and stuff without it making an obvious difference but chocolate always seems risky; remember most credible dermatologists see a link between this and ance. If you're serious about getting rid of acne i'd really recommend cutting out sugar as much as you possibly can.

It looks like a lot but if you just take the vitamins when you're having water it's really only 5 one-minute stops a day.

Edited by Rudie James
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Day 1- No problems

Days 2- No problems :D

Day 3- Very small spot. Still optimistic about BP thanks to all the reports and stuff. Started applying twice a day, only a pea-sized amount still.

Day 4- Small spot on my nose. Not a big deal. All's well.

Day 5- First spot outside the t-zone since i started regimen. A little bummed but things should get better with more BP in time. Added jojoba oil.

Day 6- Nothing to report, no news is certainly good news :)

Day 7- Upped BP a little. This must be the first day in a few months i havn't had one active pimple, even a small one. Skin's nice enough to me but not brilliant, still got hyperpigmentation which i'll have to wait to go. Hopeful that BP will prevent anything major in the future, and as the dose increases whatever does happen gets less and less :)

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