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My Retin-A/ Doxycycline Log!!! (pictures)

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Hi everyone! This is my first time making a log here at Acne.org. I wanted to do so because I would not only like to see my own progress, but if my treatment goes well, I was hoping others may be encouraged to try whatever I may! I'm 20 years old, a college student, and have had acne the last 10 years of my life. At just 10 I sprout my first pimples! What the heck? Oh well.

Ok, so bit of a backstory here...

My acne was flaring up a quite a lot, so I decided to go to my nearest Whole Foods (love their stuff) to grab some natural acne products. I invested quite a bit of money (for a college student!) in:

MyChelle White Cranberry Cleanser

MyChelle Clear Skin Serum

I began to use those products. Bear in mind, I am the type who ALWAYS washes her face before going to bed at night, very careful not to rest my chin in my hands, basically, a freak about my skin because of how constant my breakouts are. About 3 or 4 days in, I noticed I was breaking out quite a bit in the chin area. I wondered, "is this normal?" and called the MyChelle customer service line. I was told that natural products sometimes give you an intial breakout that can last up to 6 weeks or so. Ok, I thought, no big deal.

It soon became a big deal. I broke out the worst I've ever broken out the last 10 years I've had acne. I had such a mess on my chin area, I became so self concious. I missed several classes during this time, and I'm usually tough but I broke down crying several times. I had too many nodules to count, and pimples were literally PILING UP ON TOP OF EACH OTHER. And for some odd reason, they became super scaly. I had horrible zits on top of each other, followed by flaky, dry skin on top/ Really embarrased to go in public, I isolated myself as much as I could. I was especially devastated because my 21st birthday was in about 3 months! No way was I going out looking like that.


Geebus, do you see that? Bad. Very bad.

I still kept trying the products with faith they may work, but finally about 5 weeks in I only saw it getting worse, not better, so I had to call the dermatologist finally.

The dermatologist I visited was awesome- she answered all of my questions patiently and took in to account my concern about my birthday, June 21st. I told her I didn't want to go on long term antibiotics and I was afraid of Accutane. We reviewed a couple of different options and we finally settled on Retin-A .025% and 50mg of doxycycline. She also recommended me to a moisturizer that would be appropriate. So, this is what I got:


50mg of Doxycycline

Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Every other day- 2.5% gel Benzoyl Peroxide

Aveeno Calming Moisturizer with 2 drops of jojoba oil mixed in


50mg of Doxycycline

Origins non-comedogenic oil cleanser Clean Energy

Pea-sized amount of Retin-A .025%

So, this is what I've been using for the last 8 days. The oil cleanser is mainly because I work at a cosmetics counter, so I have to wear makeup everynight (non-comedogenic and oil free!).

Summary of Week 1:

Surprisingly, my skin didn't get too dry with Retin-A. I think the Aveeno moisturizer helped a lot. BTW, that stuff is BOMB!!! It sinks in my skin right away, i've never found such an awesome moisturizer. Points to my derm for recommending it, haha.

After a couple of days I noticed my chin started looking WAY better than before. To get the scaly, flaking skin off I did use a product I'd used from Mychelle before that I know doesn't break me out. I used the pumpkin peel and boom! The scaly skin came right off and hasn't come back.

On the other hand, i've been noticing other areas of my face have been breaking out. Some pretty unattractive nodules and pustules. Perhaps i'm just going through my IB. I'm willing to sit it out.

So, guys, once again, thank you for reading, i'll be sure to update weekly on my journey here. If you have any questions or any comments, please feel free to ask!

P.s.: I don't know if the MyChelle products caused me to break out. Maybe it was just going to happen. My doctor and I also discussed the fact that its in the perioral (or something like that that means around the mouth) region, and possibly more linked to my hormones. If this stuff doesn't work, I may give Spiro a shot.

See you guys soon!!! I'll update next Friday with more pictures!


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