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What's worse for acne? Dairy or Sugar?

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They're equally bad if you don't balance them with anything else. Although sugar is known to lead to inflammation, and dairy is known to lead to cystic acne. Depending on whether you're prone to cystic acne, dairy is worse.

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I'd say dairy. Sugar is pretty awful, too, but at least there's no hormones in it.

When I ate the stuff, I'd notice that just sugary foods might give me smaller breakouts, depending on how much I ate. Yet, the smallest amount of dairy would give me larger, inflamed, cystic breakouts - even from something as small as a piece of cheese. Basically, a candy bar wouldn't break me out. A piece of cheese would.

It's best to avoid both.

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Depends on the individual. I used to drink an instant breakfast every morning my first few years of college. (Thats milk and powder) and i had PERFECT skin. Now my skin sucks, but not because of dairy. If you are prone to break outs because of either, I would avoid them both. But if not, enjoy life.

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For me both, but the worser evil of the two is by far dairy for myself!! Although I will say... I tried some goat cheese tonight! It is SO good (says the person who hasnt eaten cheese in months, ha) but it tastes like cream cheese to me w/ a tang to it!! I ate it on some sprouted grain toast and it was like I was in bagel heaven!

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What difference does it make which is worse? Besides, it's individual. No one can tell you which is worse for you. Limit both and try avoiding dairy completely for at least a month to see how much it affects you.

Dairy doesn't noticeably contribute to my acne. So I'd say sugar. Other people have cleared up dramatically from avoiding dairy. For that matter, a bit of sugar doesn't break me out either, but diet habits involving high GI meals, drinks and snacks do.

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