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A question for people with oily skin.

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When that happens - you know you have to blot your face. I usually sneak into the bathroom about 2 or 3 hours to blot my face. Just in case. That way it never does look severely oily for me and I don't get that feeling anymore.

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Numerous times during the day do you ever feel your face "tingle"? Kind of like goosebumps on your face?

Yes, and it hurts. But I don't have very oily skin. I only get that feeling on my dry skin areas and it doesn't feel like anything's "oozing", it just stings and tingles. Haha, maybe we're talking about two different things.

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Just use some absorbent sheets. ANd also you can try a moisturizer with jojoba oil. Research, try and test.

My skin today is not that oily. I am using the moisturizer below, which contain jojoba seed oil.

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lol, I swear I get that too sometimes. And then I check my face and it looks oilier and then next day there's usually a breakout.

I hate that feeling! I also get it sometimes throughout the day after all the oil has built up and I haven't blotted it, and just basically left it the whole day.

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