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2 a day over dryness?

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hi ive been on the regimne for a while now. it has helped greatly. my acne is way better then before. but i still do break out or have "weak" skin from time to time. the thing is im in a bind as to how i should adjust my routine.

i only apply BP once a day, at night. when i wake up in the morning i wash my face. after this it always feels dry and looks like its slightly peeling so i am hesitant to put on the BP. after i wash my face at night my face is barely dry at all so i feel fine putting it on then, its werid.

i dont know what would be better, to only do the Bp once a day and not get maximum efects of doing it twice a day, or to put it on two times a day, despite the dryness.

this leads to another problem. i have the lotion from this site but its weird. when i put it on my face it makes my face feel nasty greesy lookin and also kinda redish. i dont understand it. because of this i have to put small small amounts and this leads to more drying somtimes. i dont know what to do here. if you guys have any advice. thanks.

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I recommend you get some jojoba oil and mix it in with the moisturizer, that seemed to significantly take care of the redness and dryness. If that doesn't work you could switch moisturizers. Cetaphil works pretty well for a lot of people.

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I had that same problem too. I decided to just wash my face once a day(during the night) and now I don't have tight, dry, or flaky skin. I think I was doing more damage washing my face twice a day. It feels and looks a lot more better now. Try only washing once, during the night, and just moisturize with spf during the day and see how that works out for you.

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