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So I just started doing this, I hope it's not something everyone already knew about. But I found that a GREAT way to not pick is to wear gloves.

That's right. Get yourself a pair of Mittens, and wear them around the house. Or, a fluffy pair of ski gloves that keeps you from moving your fingers nimbly.

So far it's been working for me.

Another idea for girls, is to paint your nails. Take your time. Paint your nails as good as you can, designs, jewels, do the whole shebang and LOVE them. Make sure you LOVE your nails. Alright, ready? Now don't touch your face. Your nails will get ruined. :naughty:

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^ THAT'S BAD. lol. But you're clever.

Duck-tape them on? Haha. Just wrap it really tight around your wrists.

Actually I did that for a halloween costume and my gloves were really hard to take off...

There always has to be some kind of self-control involved. Everything we do to our bodies, we do choosingly.

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it has a proper name though,

acne excroiee

im trying to find out if when i stop picking, will my skin ever heal, or will i always be left with marks.. kinda scared tbh

my eyes have finally opened up to not picking even when it gets better for me to leave the "imperfections" that will come up alone. or i go right back to square 1 all over again

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