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Wishing you never took BC and what other options

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I'm 23. I've never taken BC before about a month ago.

I really didn't want to go on it, but I don't want to get pregnant but do want to have sex.

I'm very happy with my sex drive without BC and everything else. But I figured that if I want a 99% foolproof method of not popping out any kids and hey it would hopefully clear this acne I have.

However, all these other things don't seem worth it. Synthetic hormones. The what will happen to my skin when I come off of it, the possible lower sex drive, the guessing game of trying to find the right pill.

Honestly, I'd rather not take the pill and deal with the acne some other way (family history shows that I'll probably grow out of it by 25) CROSS MY FINGERS. To those of you wishing you were never on the BC pill what would you have done though? Condoms all the time is a hassle whether you agree or disagree with me.

The IUD seems to be reserved for ladies who have had kids. I don't want kids, but I doubt my doctor will take this statement seriously coming from someone my age. If I refuse to take any form of the pill can my doctor be forced to prescribe me the IUD whether she wants to or not? I haven't done much research on it, but it seems like the only other viable option.

Sry for the long post. I feel this was more of a venting rant that anything.

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Do you live in the US? If you do and since you're at least 21 it's just a matter of finding a doctor that will perform sterilization if that's the route you want to take. This links to Federal Laws regarding sterilization. The consent info is at the bottom.

There are two procedures: tubal ligation and Essure coils. If you ever change your mind in the future and want a reversal, you can not do that with the coils. I hope you can find a doctor to perform the procedure of your choice. Not all of us want to have children and there's nothing wrong with that. I also hope you can find a non-hormonal way to conquer your acne. There are so many ways so I'm sure you'll come across something. :) Good luck!

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