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I have had acne for a while now. Several years. I'm 17 years of age.

One day, we got a package of acne medication from a pharmacy. It may have been called acne clear. But, their is a big bottle of cleaner, medium of day gel, small of night gel.

Well I was confused on the directions that night. It said mix day and night together.

Well, I did it twice that day. Morning and night.

I woke up all red. Acne was gone but my face was so dry! It was amazing!

Don't you other people have this experience, then you try to re-create the problem and it doesn't work?

I tried doing that. I mixed all of them together one night, woke up - my face wasn't all dry and acne free. :/

I would be a millionaire if I took note of what I did at what time. :D

I'm going to try SkinID. Do you think I should try anything else before that?

I have acne on chest, shoulders, and face. Not a lot on chest and shoulders. Not a lot on my face either, just very little red bumps.

I use medications, it gets worst. I stop using medications, it heals, but if I don't use medications for more than a week, it gets bad.

That's my story.

My mom had used up all health insurance because of when I went to the dermatologist. They had us buy $800 worth of monthly supplies. It was for my sister and I, so two (2) $800 totals. That is 1600 every month! We stopped after two months. It wasn't helping.

It was the night gel and benzyol peroxide. I had 10%.

What should I try next?

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I don't know, but I wouldn't fall for another celebrity-endorsed acne product (like skinID).

Try DKR. Your skin usually likes some variation and rotation anyway; I highly doubt you'd be able to fry all your existing zits every night like that, but it sounds probable for just one time.

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