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accutane and acne scars

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Hi, I'm new on here! i'm 26 and have adult acne, which i believe is hormonal. :boohoo:

It is so frustrating! I had the odd spot as a teenager but nothing major, then i had a bad breakout when i was 21. I went to the docs and they gave me Dianette. My skin cleared up, just leaving some scars.

I stopped taking Dianette last September after i got married as i wanted to get my body ready to make a baby! Within 3 months of stopping Dianette i started to breakout, at first one or 2 spots then each month slightly worse. Some are cystic and some are just big zits! Arghh!

I tried BP but it made my skin very dry and itchy.

After 4 months i went to the dermatologist and he has recommended Isotretinoin ( Accutane ). I have now gone back on the pill ( longynon ) as i have to use birth control while on this. I start taking the Isotretinoin when i get back from holiday in June.

I was hoping to hear some success stories, as i have read a few scary stories on the web!

Also since breaking out i have been left with reddish/pinkish scars! Which is making me dread going without makeup on holiday! I actually start sweating when i think about it!

Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce acne scars? And how to help control breakouts?!

Sorry for the long story, thought i better give a bit of background info! lol

Please help! sad.gif

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