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Acne for 9 Straight Years. Please Help.

Hey guys,

Sorry I'm new to this so if I'm posting on the wrong page lemme know.. Basically I'm just checkin' in to see if anyone has any miracles out there for me. I am a 21 year old in college Basically since I was 13 years old, I've had acne every single day of my life. I haven't gone a single day without it since 13. Anyways I try not to worry about it, although the past few years it has consumed my life more and more to the point where I've decided to look elswhere besides the derms, OTC stuff, etc. I've tried everything... at least I think. Duac, Minocycline, Tazorac, Neo-Benz, Differin, Proactive, Skin Id, Acne Free, all the Clean and Clear, and just about any over the counter product you can think of.. Again, I follow the instructions without hesitation, and have usually given these products the fair 8-12 weeks, with 0 results. I just got off Skin Id because it has made my face so red, itchy and unbearable that I couldn't use it any longer. Even if I took a few days off of it and then tried the regimen again, it would react the same way on my face. Needless to say I have pretty sensitive skin. I hit the gym at least once a day, eat plenty of fruits/veggies, tons of water, blah blah blah. Now, my face is starting to scar up and I'm getting pretty discouraged. I've also been reading a lot into crazy ways people have gotten rid of acne and have looked into them. I'm currently using Crest freaking toothpaste as a spot treatment, and drinking tons of green tea as well as applying it to my face.

Again, long story short, I'm looking for a miracle. I can live with everything about myself (body, health, personality, etc) but the one thing that kills all self confidence is my acne. If anyones got a miracle drug, let me know...asap. Thanks ladies n fellas a like.

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I saw duac in that list but not the DKR...

I'm just like you. I had acne from a really young age and I'm now 20. I'd tried every conceivable OTC and antibiotics to no avail. I'd also tried Duac and failed because it made my skin so horribly red and scaly and pretty disgusting. The DKR is the only thing that's helped me. And I've followed it to the letter. I'm 8 weeks in and still getting one or two small zits, but I'm sooooo much better than I was.

Maybe give that a go? Apart from going to a derm and getting Accutane I don't really know what else to suggest... and apologies if I've misread this and you've already tried the DKR for 12 weeks+.

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sorry to hear that :(

i wouldnt try toothpaste. i did and it burnt my skin!

what type of skin do you have? are you pale or tanned? dry, oily, combination ?

sounds like your lifestyle is bang on. have you tried to eliminate milk?

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I haven't tried the DKR, although I'm pretty skeptical of throwing in any more kinda decent money.. (and quite frankly don't have the money lol... o being a college student) But I may look into it if all else fails.

As for skin type I'd say it's fair, a little oily normally, but usually dries up/gets pretty red whenever I go on any kind of regimen. Thanks for the feedback so far!

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i wouldnt try toothpaste. i did and it burnt my skin!

Hahaaaa! I tried this after someone suggested it. Yeahhhhh, definitely did nothing but give me a few acne scars. I'll never try that again :P

I think you should try to go without eating dairy products like someone else said.

This may help, it may determine if that has anything to do with your acne.

And if it doesn't go get a milkshake (:

Non-prescription medications?? Hmm.

Another thing you could try is Murad?

I haven't ever tried it, but I want to.

I always here good things about it.

As for prescribed medication?

You could go all the way and try for Accutane

I'm going to get Spiro prescribed next week.

Read up on that and see if it could help you.

All the reviews it had on acne.org were GREAT! (:

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There is no miracle. But you can reduce the number of pimples in your face. My suggestion is to:

a) clean your face taking antibiotics (other than the one you already used).

b) maintain your face clean with unclogged pores (you have to use anything with Salycilic Acid (SA) from avene, neutrogena, garnier, effaclar or Vichy Normaderm. Remember to exfoliate twice a week.

c) Moisturize your skin. I dont know if you have oily skin.

d) You have to use some Bacteria killer, BP and Tea tree oil (perhaps Dan's Regime).

e) reduce inflammation with SA to the spot (using aspiring mask or Vichy Spot treatment 4% SA).

You need to have patience and be constant with your regimen.


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