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I'm new here, and I've seen a lot of discussion of AHA, and different ways to incorporate it into the regimen.

Currently, I use Cetaphil facewash, 2.0% BP, then Enrich moisturizer (Trader Joe's) morning and night.

It's been 3 weeks, so I understand that it's still early. For breakthrough acne, should I apply AHA in addition to my regimen, right after the BP?

I've also heard people talk about using it as an exfoliatant, instead of a moisturizer. I know it's too soon for me. But in general, is it really a good idea to use an exfoliatant instead of a moisturizer? Wouldn't you use it in addition to a moisturizer? I can't imagine skipping my moisturizer.

So: what are your thoughts on AHA?

When do you use it?

Spot treatment?


Where does it fit into your regimen?



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I know there are several AHA products out there, but I just wanted to let you know that Acne.org AHA is formulated specifically to be moisturizing as well as exfoliating, which is why some people sometimes use it in place of their regular moisturizer.

Generally, the AHA would be the last step in The Regimen. Cleanse, treat, AHA; or cleanse, treat, moisturizer, AHA; or cleanse, treat, moisturize, spot-treat with AHA.

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QUESTION! Can u use AHA while on retin-a micro? should I do ... cleanse..retin-a micro .. and AHA? ATT NITE? orr u cannot mix them together? plss give me an answer thankss :)

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