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Cle De Peau Concealer

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I have serious under-eye circles, and I need something that actually covers them well. I've given up with different eye creams that are supposed to diminish them, I'm still going to need a good concealer!

I've heard great things about Cle De Peau, but it's so expensive, I want some more input before I invest! Have any of you tried it? Is it worth it? Does it cover under-eye circles AND acne marks amazingly? Is something else working wonders for you?

All input is appreciated!

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I've always been a fan of their 'Translucent Corrector for Pores' and 'Smoothing base for pores' which really does what they say it does, buuuuuuut since starting The Regimen I know I won't be able to use it, as to cover the pores (and ice pick scars that I have) it actually fills them in, which is ok when you're gonna use a scrub to wash your face, but a Regimen type cleanser is not gonna get it out, plus anything that actually fills in pores, even temporarily is not gonna be recommended.

I haven't used the eye concealer but I would expect it is very good, I wouldn't use it anywhere other than the eye area if your doing the regimen though, so as not to clog pores.

Overall I'd say you should't be disappointed with any of their stuff but yep it's pricy! I was told it's what the celebrity make up artists use :D

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I'm a big fan of high-end beauty products, but $65 on Cle de Peu's concealer is not worth it unless you can actually test it at one of their counters (Neiman or Saks or Bergdorf Goodman has it, I'm not sure which ones have it). They also have a really limited range of colors for their concealers. Of course there's a possibility that there's a good match for you, but don't spend that much money only to have it be wrong for you.

I have serious under-eye circles, too...it's usually hereditary. There are no shortcuts to this. You need a corrector (usually not your skin color, it's either pinkish or peach/yellow to counteract the purple/blue under your eyes). Then you need a concealer that won't settle into your fine eye lines. For under-eye concealer, you'll need a just a touch lighter than your usual shade. For concealer elsewhere on your face, USE THE SAME COLOR. I cannot stress this enough. Using a lighter shade to cover up a blemish on your face will just highlight it.

Anyway, I use Laura Mercier's Under Eye Perfecter in orange/yellow, as I have tan Asian skin with yellow undertones; they have mauve for light to medium skintones. I follow this up with LM's secret concealer (this is for eyes) in #3.

For me, using a corrector under my under eye concealer is imperative--I still get a shadow under my eyes with just concealer. I used to think the concealer was the culprit--but really, I just needed extra pigmentation to cover up my dark circles.

Bobbi Brown also makes an excellent corrector and concealers. No matter what, don't buy any of this stuff without actually trying it first! Bobbi Brown has a really good return policy on their website, and Sephora sells both brands too and Sephora also has a good return policy...but I don't think they have LM's under eye perfecter (which is the corrector).

I also want to take this moment to mention that skincare is a MUST. But undereye creams, at least over the counter ones, don't work. I've blown a ton of money away. But Olay isn't bad. I recommend that you ask your dermatologist what prescription brands you can use. Skinceuticals has an excellent line...I use it myself and it makes a big difference in healing my skin.

Good luck and message me or reply here if you have any questions!

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