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vitamins and make-up actually worked for me

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EDIT: Whoops I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm posting this elsewhere. Didn't know "regimen" was a product of this site. I thought it was more of a personal "regimen" sorry!

I can't say this will work for you but maybe by posting this you'll find a pattern and apply it to your situation.

I used to have bad acne when I was around 16-years-old (~1995), and my dermatologist started me on Retin-A and Cleocin solution which helped a lot. In fact it helped so much I stopped taking it after a year.

Everything was fine until I was about 28 when I started using exfoliating skin scrubs. After scrubbing my face a few times, my acne came back almost immediately. So I went to my family doctor asking for Retin-A and Cleocin, but this time they didn't work. The new Retin-A micro felt different this time around—I was using the gel now unlike the one 10 years ago which had more of a toothpaste caulk-like consistency. It took very long to get started. In fact it got worse and worse the more I used it. I remember looking at the brochure urging me to stay for several weeks but to no avail. I wish I had the old Retin-A. I was very disappointed and I quit. After I quit I tried alternative treatments, mostly recommendations I read on these forums but none of them seemed to work.

But here's what worked (and a lot of it was psychological):

At the height of the problem, I had no choice but to conceal my blemishes using make-up. It definitely hid my acne, but as a guy, I felt pretty self-concious of anyone too close to me. But something interesting happened, I was less shocked when I looked in the mirror, and started touching my face less and stopped doing things to my skin. It "felt" like I was cured. In fact I even started applying it in the evenings, the only downside was discoloring my pillow cases. After a couple of months doing this, my skin got a little clearer underneath. And here's the real kicker, I started taking multi-vitamin, and for some reason it started clearing up my acne almost immediately. Now I don't use ANY makeup whew--that's a lot coming from a guy!

My regimen now:

1) Wash my face with Clean & Clear Foaming Facial (My best alternative to other soap)

1b) Apply Clean & Clear deep Cleaning Astrigent (anytime after I workout)

2) Take a One A Day multivitamin

Makeup I used:

Neutrogena oil-free makeup

What didn't work:

Touching, squeezing, applying pressure to my pimples using my fingers.

Retin-A Micro (it's definitely unlike the old Retin-A)

Witch hazel

Apple Cider

About me and my skin:

Asian guy with fair to medium olive skin which can be very slightly oily at times. I eat a combination of junk and healthy foods.

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