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so a little background on myself. im a 17 year old male, and ive suffered from acne since around the age of 12. its been mostly mild acne, but it can get pretty nasty after a bad breakout. ive tried almost every OTC product, including proactiv, BP, neutrogena products, the clean and clear acne system, skin id, and pretty much anything you can find on the walgreens shelf in the facial aisle. for the past 3 years ive used a mild face wash and a 10% BP cream and it was worked pretty well. I still didnt have a clear face or anywhere near it, but it kept my acne at bay. My face didnt bother me too much, mainly becuase it wasnt that bad (there were always others with worse acne).

However, about 8 months ago my acne started to get worse. ive read about people becoming resistant to the effects of BP, so i think thats mightve what happened to me. I would deffinitely clarify my acne as moderate now. My acne has negatively effected every aspect of my life. girls, social life, even school. The worst part is now that im a junior, most people have cleared up and dont have to worry about acne anymore. I'm pretty much the only person in my group of friends that still has to worry about acne (they all get the occasional pimple, but nowhere near as bad as mine). So when i look at the people around me, i realize im the worst.

After my acne took a turn for the worst i went to go see a dermatologist for the first time. He was absolutely horrible, and ive read online that people have had similar experiences with him. Whenever i would go in he would take a look at me, not speaking to me or getting my opinion, and write me a prescription. He would rush me out in 30-45 seconds, i never had an appointment last longer than a minute. I dont understand why people like that get into dermatology. Anywho, he first prescribed me amoxicilin, which did nothing. He then prescribed me benzaclin and tetracycline, which also did nothing for me. I was on that for about 3 months. He then prescribed me tretinoin. Ive been using that for the past 4 months and it hasnt done much for me.

I first learned about accutane a few months ago becuase my friend was prescribed it. I didnt know anything about it so i researched it, and since then ive really wanted to go on it. My friend has been on it for about 3 months now, and it has worked wonderfully for him. He no longer has any acne and the oil that use to be on is face is completely gone. I would love to not have to worry about acne like he no longer does. I asked my old dermo about the possibility of going on accutane and he said he doesnt even prescribe it because he thinks the side effects are too risky. That is rediculous to me. i may not be in dire need of it, but for other people with severe acne that go to him, accutane may be the only option.

I have an appointment with a new dermo coming up in a few weeks. Im going to ask him to prescribe me accutane. I know the chances of him giving it to me on the first visit are slim to none, but id like to hope there is a possibility. My argument is that i have really oily skin, and accutane is really the only thing that can help that. I also have very sensitive skin, so topical creams just make my face red and irritated. Also, my acne is moderately severe, not severe, but it is persistent and hasnt responded to other treatments. Hopefully he will prescribe it for me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this issue? sorry, that was a lot to read. This was my first time posting so i wanted to get my story out. Do you think accutane would be right for me? what should i say to my dermo to get him to rpescribe accutane?

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