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- Hello everyone i have been reading your posts and I have to says thanks they were all very helpful.... Let me tell you a little about my situation-

Im 21 I have been struggling with breakouts since hs... the past year i started developing cysts. Now i dont have severe acne at all... Im told its mild to moderate... But after forever of trying everything from proactiv to what my derm prescribed he suggested the accutane due to the cysts. I have to say unless you have these things... ya just cant understand. They are SO painful and just... ANNOYING!!! My derm explained to me that nothing is really helpful with cysts like accutane because of the type of pimples they are. So needless to say after a long time of research i opted for accutane. I started April 6th 2010. I had my 1st derm apt May 5th 2010 when my derm. told me i had to go off tane for 10days due to poor blood test results ( i had a few drinks the week before ) which i now regret!! I resume tane this sat may 15th. He told me i wouldn't break out worse these days off accutane BUT he lied- lol i broke out worse then i ever had. I have been miserable all week just wanting to hide in my apartment... I certainly learned my lesson as why they say not to drink on accutane.... Now i just cant wait to start back up again and see improvement! I will start back up on another 20mg a day for another month. If all goes well with my blood work in a month he wants to up my dosage to 40mg then 60mg for the duration of my cycle.

My biggest fear about the accutane is those horror stories where people go off n the acne comes back worse, or shit..if it just comes back at all! lol

But I am trying to stay positive.. i feel if this doesn't work ill just give up. I want my confidence back without make up. And im sick of hiding behind my hair! Well... here goes nothing! ill keep everyone up to date once i start back up again. Good Luck to everyone else! any advice please feel free to give it to me! :D

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Don't worry, you'll do fine. There's plenty of logs on here where people had to stop for a few days due to whatever reason, and they all ended up clear in the end. So, positive thinking, positive thinking :D

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