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PF?? (Need Your Assistance)

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I have submitted a couple other posts here and now am starting to question whether I have PF (or something else).

I am going to list some symptoms and then put it to a vote (for anyone with an opinion)

1.) Random spots (not grouped) on chest, back, butt, legs, arm and once in a while on a finger.

- They sometimes surface individually, sometimes a few (but not close to each other).

2.) Spots NEVER itch.

3.) Spots do NOT come to a whitehead (they are red and dome but no puss).

4.) Antiobiotics (Doxicyclene) cleared a majority of them - but not all.

5.) They appear to hate vinegar. I put vinegar on a spot that was starting yesterday and it retreated and is almost gone.

6.) Infectious disease doctor called it "garden variety" folliculitus which is probably caused by Propionibacterium (but he did not do a culture).

7.) A culture was done by a derm (for staph) with no conclusive results. However, they don't look anything like the folliculitis pictures from staph (that are on the internet).

8.) Just had an incident where I saw a small red spot on my arm, watched it start to grow over the next 20 minutes, I hit it with Vinegar, 30 minutes later it is almost invisible. If I would not have caught it, the spot would be there for the next 2 weeks.


I am going to an allergist next week to put that avenue to rest. My experiences with these spots are so odd, it almost seems like it has to be an allergy.

Thanks in advance,


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Since going off the antibiotics a week ago, I now have a few spots on my chest, a couple on my back (one on each side) and then one on my upper leg (towards the inside of the thigh).

Hoping it is an adjustment period and they go back away (let me dream).

Anyone have any insight as to whether this sounds like PF?

- Jim

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Today I decided to try Bendryl and get an idea if it might be Allergy related.

I had a pretty inflamed neck (acne like) this morning and it appears that it is settling.

Hoping I have an allergy (seems strange to say that).

- Jim

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