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Hi all, I'm new to this forum. To make the story short, I have rosacea and acne *just* on my chin. I was on Minocycline, which cleared my chin up for maybe about 3 weeks or so, and then I started getting pustules on my chin again, even while still on the antibiotics for another two months. I developed a rash that reminded me of a fungal infection, so I stopped taking Minocycline and started using honey masks. My face has been clearing of that rash. However, the pustules on my chin are back in full force and it seems like it's all concentrated on that one area! Like, I can count 16 or 17 pustules all clustered together in a very small area of my face with virtually no pustules anywhere else! It also seems like my chin 'erupts' after an initial breakout. I'll get one pimple, and then before I know it I have a dozen or more all in that same area, and then it'll take forever to die down, but inevitably comes about again.

I'm thinking that I'm either reacting to something I come in contact with (but what...?), or something I'm eating is making me break out on my chin only...? I am totally baffled by this and I want it gone! I have been suffering with this problem for a long time. I have ruled out makeup irritating my skin, reaction to toothpaste, harsh cleansers (as I no longer use any due to having rosacea... just honey and my chin was breaking out long before starting honey). I highly doubt it's hormonal as there's no rhyme and reason to the pustules appearing it seems (like, no particular time of the month or anything...). If anyone can give me any insight on this, and perhaps some ideas for fixing my skin, I'd welcome that. I'm also scheduled for an allergy test on the 21st to see if I'm allergic to anything I don't know about.

P.S. The only thing that I know helps my chin is regular antibacterial hand soap, but that dries my skin out horridly, leaving it looking like a dry river bed with cracks all in it, and I can't use moisturizers as those make me break out even further...

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