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I have been suffering with acne since my early teens and im 26 now...I have used all products on the market (i think...lol) and nothing seems to be working. I am getting stressed and moody and im taking my frustration out on everybody who seems to have perfect skin...including my bf.

Last product i used was ZINERYT and after 7 months there is still no improvement. I have been advised to go on ROACUTINE but i dnt want to because it sounds to dangerous and i want to have a healthy baby one day...can anyone please give some advice...and the fact that I have scars too is not helping either... :-(

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You can have a healthy baby after accutane just not during accutane! There's prob a period post-accutane that you have to wait until trying to get pregnant but I'm sure its not that long. Accutane doesn't remain in your system after you finish your course so it won't affect any future pregnancies! If you are that stressed about your acne and have tried everything then I would highly reccomend following your doc's advice for accutane! And if it was your doctor that told you it would affect future pregnancies then you need to switch!

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hey...thanx for the reply and i will take it highly in consideration...and no it was not my doc it was sumeone that was on Roacutane that uttered those words. Im actually going to my dermatologist today for a check. I want a clearer skin its just that im terrified of the side affects...

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