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So last time i got moisturizer i had a choice between This which was ~5 dollars? something super cheap, or this, which was ~8 dollars.

well, for people like me (poor), every dollar saved helps.

my question is... the big bottles don't specifically say "face" or "Facial"

they just say.. skin. or sensitive skin...

does that mean it's NOT ok to use on the face?

if i can use the big one instead it'd be so much better, considering it's CHEAPER for MORE of it.

does anyone else with moderate acne use the big bottle that isn't specifically for your face?

Thanks in advance('-'*)

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I've been using Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for over a year now with no problems, and the stuff I get is the one that just says "For All Skin Types". It's even on the Recommended Products page. ; )

Sorry it took me so long to reply~

I've been out and about for a day or two @[email protected]

O: Ok, so you don't SPECIFICALLY get the one that says "Facial moisturizer"?

i used to use normal lotion on my face, not knowing that it wasn't good, and... well, the outcome wasn't great. lol

C: Thanks ...c'est? vigne? is there a short way i could say your name? i'm not sure what it means so i don't want to butcher it.

so.. for now, thanks c'est la vigne. xD <3

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