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I think I need to wear makeup

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My chin has lots of red spots... that NEED to not be seen. I'm 23 and I've never once worn any kind of make up to cover up acne... been tempted but never brought myself to do it. I need people help... as in what products I should use to not clog pores, and to be honest whats the name of the makeup type that I'm supposed to use... i dont even know.. is it concealer, cover up... something.. like that I believe. also a relative cost would be helpful. Also if there are any other males out there that use/have used makeup to cover up their pimples please share so I don't feel like im the only guy that is willing to wear make up :lol:

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well i just went with dan's advice and got smart shade.. think I got a shade too light but it's not that bad. hopefully after this breakout i won't need it... anyways... I can't really tell if it's all coming off at night when I wash my face... is it? or do I need to buy make up remover

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Hey man, I feel ya. I've had horrible acne for the longest time, and have been wearing make up (as a guy) for about 5 years now. Thank god my acne has pretty much cleared up in comparison to what it was, but now i have alot of redness/scars that i try to cover up.

I use MAC studio fix, if I were you (this is what i did) i went on line to their website, and went into a private/anonymous chat with one of their makeup reps. I told them my problem, told them I was a guy, told them my skin type, and they recommended what I should use, it turned out for my skin type/color and problem, that mac studio fix C4 (the color) is what was best for me, and I think it works great.

You might think it is a little weird at first, but fuck dude, I made my peace with it finally. It's either wear makeup and look halfway normal or walk around with my entire face looking like rudolphs nose and be self-conscious all day. Good luck bro

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