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New Hybrid Regimen... Opinions?

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Background and History:

I'm a 20 yr old male with sensitive skin, look young for my age, have mild/moderate at times acne, and first remember acne back in my early teens. As far as I can remember, when I first had a very small amount of acne, I bought the typical alcohol pads to wipe clean which didn't "fix" the acne, so then I used BP as spot treatment (and never moisturized much). Around 18 or so, I used more BP, rarely moisturizing again, until around 18/19 where I noticed very flaky dry skin, and would then use a wash clothe to "wipe off" the dead skin. After that I bought a scrub with the beads, leading to more breakouts (didn't make the early connection nor researched it well) which led to more BP, with moisturizer this time. I bought DKR a few months ago and had the initial purge (Which I hated) but then continued to have breakouts in spots I never had acne (forehead, neck). I accredited it to the purge and went on my way. After a while not much was changing and I decided I couldn't handle the bleaching of my clothes and figured there must be another way to do this. I have recently come to the conclusion that I have only irritated my skin more and more and figured I must let it rest and take on a more holistic approach. Upon research and these forums, I have come up with a hybrid regime which I've been using for about 5-7 days now, with some (so far) initial success. Now I understand everyones skin is different, this may work for some but I'm mostly looking for opinions on this.


I credit many of the people on these boards for ideas and theories, but only can remember bfg9000d and Moojamba. Thanks to all though.


30 second hot water (slightly hotter than warm) face soak (see Moojambas)


Moisturizer (ONLY if skin feels very tight/dry 15+ minutes after the shower, too much moisturizer too often makes my skin shine like no other)

1 multivitamin (Wegmans one daily Men's health formula with lycopene)

**Personal Key to the MV, must contain NO IODINE, had one with it and I broke out, It also includes Zinc and Niacin**

2 Table spoons orally ingested Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


60 second hot water soak (same as above but longer)

Moisturizer as needed

2 Table spoons Braggs ACV

IF during the day my skin becomes dirty/oily or anything I feel like will block my pores, I give it a quick rinse with just water (ONLY once a day if needed, don't want to over wash)


Milk, most dairy products in general (sometimes eat yogurt)

Only have 1 or 2 sources of carbs (wheat, flour, bread, etc) a day if any

Anything with refined sugar

Anything heavily processed


Raisins everyday (about 1/4 - 1/2 cup)

Almonds (1 oz, apprx 20-25 nuts)

Water (large consumption throughout the day)

Egg Whites (scrambled, or omelet with vegetables)

Vegetables (very easy & convenient to get the new steam fresh bags)

Salad (with vinegar based or other non oil based dressings)


I personally lift 3 days a week, cardio twice, and always make an effort to get in the sauna at least once a week for 10-15 minutes (with a real, deep sweat)


When I shave (every 2-3 days, lucky me) I just lather up the DKR cleanser and shave with that, with a 2 blade razor, very softly, luckily my hair isn't very coarse.

So far: only a small amount of new pimples, red marks seem to be calming down a bit and my face (which has been very red at times) is subsiding in color.

Concern: I currently don't do anything to exfoliate, is it necessary and if so, how should I do it?

Sorry for the long post I'm attaching pictures, let me know what you think of them (I'm not so hot at figuring out what type of acne these are) I hope for alot of feedback and help, these forums are fantastic !






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So far so good, only one new pimple which makes me happy, my face is not so red at all anymore and the red marks seem to be fading more.

I tried to exfoliate with baking soda today, I think I did it right, but about a half an hour after i noticed there was some flaky skin on my face. I think it was some I had lifted up off my face but didn't clear off all the way. Any better way to do this with very low amounts of irritation?

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