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I need your help, don't know what to do

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As an adult, I've had relatively mild acne, until the last few months. I usually wash my face with a boots product and would only get mild acne around that time of the month. I do have some hyperpigmenation that I need to get rid of, but wasn't really worried about it. I also use a prescribed sulfur product.

Recently, around February, I was trying different foundations and started noticing comedonal acne. I'll admit I wasn't washing my face at night after coming in from partying, and some of the foundations just reacted badly to my skin. So I stopped using it, and washing my face diligently and lately, the comedonal acne just appeared out of nowhere. It looked like slight raised flesh colored bumps, and blackheads. I've read the forums and tried a Neutrogena salicilic acid product because the benzoyl peroxide wasn't working. Now my face is irritated (itchy), inflamed and rough looking.

I'm not sure what to do, or where to start now. I've included a picture. Can you help please? Normally I would run to my dermatologist, but I'm out of work and don't have insurance. I'm not even sure what kind of acne I have. Oh and what is this thing by my ear? it's been there for years.



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