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Hello everyone..

I'm a frequent visitor to this site.though i never registered back then.i thought i'd just read ur comments and posts and help myself.but i don't know what to do now.

i've had acne since i was 17.it's been almost 5 years now.and i've done so many things by myself.i've used benzoyle peroxide for 2-3 years without seeing any improvement.i've used differing for about 6 months.in the beginning it helped but i had terrible breakouts and i had to stop.i've tried urine treatment and vinegar treatment for almost a year and a half.

i thought they helped but i had to stop when they were only irritating my face.my skin began to develop some weird texture and it became too itchy.

then the year before last year i decided to take accutane on my own.i did it without prescription.

my face would always be swollen.i was in such pain.i couldn't laugh or eat properly.and i didn't have no friends ( i stopped keeping in touch with tem).so i finally decided to go for accutane.

The first months were difficult.i had severe nose bleeding.and i used to drink to drown my pain.

but it kinda helped after tat.i was able to go out, under heavy makeup..n people used to ask me how i was..where i was..))

so accutane helped while i was taking it.i used it for about 1 year. 40 mg per day with milk.(i was scared to take the dose which shud hv been proportionate to my weight.

But after i stopped taking accutane, my acne came back.and my face began to flush so badly.it was so red and badly scarred.i began doing all the usual stuff again.vinegar.urine.lemon.yogurt.garlic...i tried all the natural remedies.even immersing my face in hot water.but they didn't really help.my scars became worse.

i decided to go back to differin/adapeline.it kinda helped in the beginning but my cystic acne is at its worse again..i'm also using Lactocalamine with diphenhydramine chloride.i think it's helping a little.i don't know.help me guys..please..

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Sorry to hear about your struggle.

What is your diet like? Many many many people on this board have found their cure by realizing certain food items were breaking them out? Most commonly dairy, soy, grains, wheat and nuts.

Also not to bash you, but I find it pretty wild and crazy that you would try to play doctor and take Accutane without a doctor's supervision. Yeah most Western doctors suck, but Accutane is serious stuff.

Furthemore, unless I read it wrong, I can't believe you were DRINKING while taking Accutane? Yet you were afraid to take a higher dose of the drug? Makes no sense...... correct me if I read that wrong.

Cystic Acne is ALWAYS a sign of something bigger, usually a food intolerance or allergy, a hormone imbalance or a digestive problem (yeast over-growth or gut issues).

I'd consider visiting a naturo-path doctor and getting help.

What are your other symptoms aside from acne? Do you have dry skin issues? Cold hands and feet? Are you really skinny or find it hard to gain weight? Do you get migraines?


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You took accutane by yourself? I didn't know you can get it without a prescription...I took it for about 1 year and a half, and at first my skin was beautiful. Then 8 months later, I started breaking out again...but going back to accutane on your own, I had to get blood tested every month to make sure my liver and stuff was ok. I think its risky to do something like that without supervision of a doctor...anyhoo since your off of it, I would try to find other ways to cure it, naturally holistically etc. I wish I had a regimen to share, but the one I was on doesn't work anymore.

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