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starting today... bp+differin+minocycline+B5?

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so I discovered this site today and I want to start doing the BP the way the system explains. However I also use Differin, so would it help to use it in the evening and the BP in the morning? I'm also taking the Minocycline twice a day, and I want to start using the B5 everyone seems to be talking about. Anyone done this? Will it all work well together without messing up my body?

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How are you going to know whats working?

How has the differin been for you so far? Im going to assuming it hasnt done jack shit considering you want to add in a bunch of stuff.

Personally i would stick to 1 or 2 things. For instance, maybe the differin + mino.

Or BP + mino. I wouldnt use differin and Bp, may be too harsh.. I did retin a micro + bp.. big mistake.

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my acne has been always pretty much the same, not too bad, but not good either. Depending on what I use it might get a little better or worse, but no real progress. I've been using BP for a long time, but never the way this regimen says. I started doing that now. Differin seemed to work for a while before my dermotologist told me to stop using it. Minocycline stopped working I think, because my body might have gotten used to it. So i think from now on I'll stop using antibiotics, and I'll do the regimen with differin in the evening, and 5 to 10 grams of the B5.

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