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Best ways to calm or shrink sebaceous glands?

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Heya :)

Basically erm, what I have is not really acne but for the last few months I have had the beginnings of male pattern hair loss, I think it's starting to come under control again now, but the reason I decided to come on here quickly is because many of us believe that the sebaceous glands also have a significant role to play in guys losing hair. Many people when they lose hair complain of a sudden increase in scalp oiliness, dandruff, fungal infections etc, and all this seems to stem from sebum.

So recently I was really thinking about the ways to really reduce sebum and shrink down those little sebaceous glands in the scalp, preferably not in a way that is forceful, but just to get things back under control!

Many things have been suggested and come up such as Coenzyme A, lithium orotate, accutane (but of course I believe that to be a bit strong for this), 5-LO inhibitors etc etc, and many have been considered topically and systemically. Also we believe that omega 3 and lowering IGF-1 levels in the body should also help! :)

I just wondered what you guys would suggest for this, whether it's something to actually apply to the scalp that will encourage the sebaceous glands to calm down, or something that can be taken orally.

Thank you very much, and I'm sorry to post something that is slightly off-topic, it's just I thought it would be best to ask here where people might have the most idea what to suggest.

Thank you :)


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I can tell you that you do NOT want to decrease the size of your sebaceous gland if you are experiencing male pattern baldness. It is called androgenetic allopecia and it is caused by certain reactions with DHT, a sex hormone responsible for your balding. The best thing for you to do is make sure your iron intake is normal and see a doctor!

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Hehe it's ok we know what we're doing :)

We believe that the increase in sebum is caused by levels of IGF-1 coupled with accumulation of DHT. The idea is that by reducing sebum, you are reducing how flooded and bombarded the follicle gets. My very mild MPB I already believe is starting to calm down and improve/reverse, but I thought it would be very useful to know how to reduce the sebum within the gland itself.

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