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Hello Acne.Org!

I have a question about spot treating. I pride myself on using an (almost) all natural and gentle skin care system that keeps me clear, but every once in awhile a bad flare up will occur (thank you hormones!) and I cheat a bit with any product that will work, even if it contains crazy chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid.

With that in mind, what do you guys believe is the BEST spot treatment (preferably a mask I can leave on overnight?) for the occasional flare up? Something that I can put on once that will send active acne packing really quickly?

Ha ha, maybe I'm asking for a dream treatment here, but I figured I'd at least give it a try. :surprised:

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so, you have to be careful on this

but i use toothpaste that has some baking soda in it (good for teeth and whitening haha)

But I mixed it quickly with a Q-tip,

and then I apply a VERY small amount over ONLY the acne.

Make sure it's a relatively thin layer, not too much.

And don't apply too much to non-acne areas.

I leave this on over night, (it stings/itches a little)

but the next morning, the acne is dead.

It literally kills the skin and acne I think.

HOWEVER, be careful. Because one day, I got cocky and

put a generous amount over an acne head that was already slightly popped,

and it ate away at my skin and will probably result in a scar.

It looked like a small rug burn. The skin eventually scabbed, I moisturized it,

and now it's gone. I see no scar so far... :) I guess i was lucky

Toothpaste is pretty harsh but if you apply it to the big annoying acne,

it will kill in 2 days. It'll dry it out and kill it.

Then once the acne feels dead (you'll know cause it won't be swollen, and it'll feel like a scab but not really)

then apply moisturizer over it. I use jojoba oil,

Also, don't PICK at the dead acne. Let it naturally dry and flake off over time (takes more than a week for the dead acne to naturally come off)

And surprisingly, this doesn't leave behind any scars and it works quickly.

Once again, be cautious about leaving too much on, it kills acne fast. (i know some will disagree with me but it gives me quick results haha)

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I use to like the pro-active mask, it's the sulfur in it that kills the breakout. Matches have sulfur on the end of them. You could try wetting a match (do not strike it) and applying it to a pimple before bed, then wash off in the morning. You could even try it under the toothpaste...

This is what I use to kill cold soars cold in their tracks, it works great for me!

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