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Mixed Retin A, BP, Sallysilic Acid, look AMAZING now!

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so I went to see a derm a few months ago (I am 15) and she was so nice and she said that I might need tablets but she gave me Retin-A and Benzaclin. Benzaclin is a BP gel except it has some antibiotic inside.

Well my acne is getting worse and I bought an airbrushing machine so I use that so no one can see my acne and the air brush machine in non clogogenic so It doesnt clog my pures.

Anyways on Friday I was soooo angry omg I just took some retin a, it says to only use two pumps on my hole face, I took about four pumps. I Put some Benzaclin into that and then sallysilic acid and I put it through my fingers, it had a strong but also fresh smell, I rubbed it all over my face so it left like a thick pasty thing and I let it sit ALL night long, like a mask, when I first put it on it felt sooo cool like I am rubbing cucumbers on my face, then it burned a bit and my neck and stuff began to turn red but I couldnt see the redness of my face because of all the cream, it dried and began to flake so I slept on the leather couch that night so I could wipe it off easy.

I woke up, washed my face, and Omg I was sooo shocked, my red marks had faded significanntly, I had some underskin pimples in my cheek area and they were GONE, several pimples I had on my cheeks were gone and my nose had dried out like crazy but the 4 or 5 white heads I had on it literally burned away.

It bleached my face hair a bit so it is barely noticeable and I wont have to thread for a while now.

It dried it out like CRAZY, u have no idea how much, I had to wash twice and put on Cetaphil moisturizer which is so disgusting and oily but now today I look so pretty I apply Retin-A twice a day now on its own and if I get a big pimple I mix all of it together and use it as a spot treatment.

U guys have to try this if u have these three ingredients it works WONDERS!

WHoo! Beautiful skin now :) A few more nights of this and it iwll be all gone!

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