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Inner Thigh, Hydroquinone, Otyl, Benzophenone, Dimethyl

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Hi everyone,

This is not related to acne, but I dont know where else to post, sorry. But I have a discolored scar in my inner thighs near the genital areas. It is due to scratching from itching. The itching is gone, and Im left with a typical brownish discolored skin on the area where I scratched, the scab has fallen off. I used Esoterica Fade Cream on the area for around 1 week and I stopped using it because I was scared it might make it worst. The active ingredients are Hydroquinone 2%, Otyl Dimethyl PABA USB 3.3%, Benzophenone.

I regret using it because, I know that discolored areas due to scratching from itching will fade over time, even if it will take 5 years to fade, it will fade with time. I was anxious and bought this product hoping to get rid of it quickly. And it seems like that area has been permanently darkened (not darker than it used to be), but it looks like it is permanently staying darker now, it even doesnt seem to fade even after 2 years.

My question is, did the product I used damaged my skin and made the color it permanently irreversible? I know if I hadnt used it, the brown area would fade with time and go back to its normal color in a few years. Will using Esoterica Fade Cream make my inner thighs from returning to its normal skin color? Do I have any hopes that the scratched area will return back to its normal color? It has been 2 years since the area was darkened. I applied Esoterica Fade Cream right after the scab fell off, and stopped using it 1 week after.

My normal skin color is white-pinkish color.

Thanks for your insights.

I also heard that lemon can bleach brown marks, is it true? Do I leave the lemon juice on my skin or wash it off after rubbing them on?

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