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my back acne story

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ok, my story is so very similar to every one else's. i am 23 years old, had back acne since puberty (about 12), its never gotten any better. The biggest problem it seems is black heads and clogged pores, my shoulders, upper arms, back are covered, I could have literally popped 5 of them is a 1 square inch area...it was severe. Obviously blackheads were causing me regular zits. I always showered daily but it just never got better. Lately heres what I have been doing.

In november 2009, I started a vitamin A supplement of 10,000 iu every other day (taking them daily gives me a headache!) - a bit of improvement in a few weeks

last Christmas, I cut dairy completely. no milk, no cheese, no creams in coffee. I feel better but still not a huge improvement.

I started scrubbing vigorously with a back scrubber, experimented with several body washes, tried a few SA and BP washes, they didn't help but they were expensive. I've settled for ivory bar soap.

2 weeks ago i got a zinc supplement, i take half of a 50 mg pill because it will make me pretty nauseous if i take a full one, even after eating. I think this has started to improve my acne further, but too soon to tell. I am going to start using an apple cider vinegar spray an hour or so before showering to see if it helps. I will report back.

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proper diet will reduce maximum of the back acne,, take lots of foods and reduce taking chocolate, coffee, sweats, greasy and fried foods, non-veg,, surely within 1 week you will see lots of difference, then start using neutrogena body wash,,

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