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Accutane for Pityrosporum Folliculitis?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever taken Accutane to try and clear their Pityrosporum Folliculitis. This is what my derm. is reccomending for me because I've tried so much with little success. Frankly, I don't really trust him and I'm reluctant to go on Accutane. So has anyone ever used Accutane for this? Have you had any success with it if you have? So far the only ORAL meds I've been given was Lamisil pills for about a month with quite a bit of clearing on my face, but not so much on my body.

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logically, it's supposed to work... personally i would do it! it'll get rid of your acne and PF! :D killing two birds with one stone.

I personally don't care for the side effects... such as suicidal thoughts and etc.... people that experience these side effects probably already had issues before taking accutane.

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I really really don't wanna take accutane. I'm wondering why this is all he's done for me.. I see what everyone else has tried and I'm wondering why my derm. hasn't exhaused all the other options for me BEFORE resorting to accutane.

Does anyone know what the BEST oral medications for PF are suppose to be?

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And I'm guessing you've tried the topical Nizoral/Head and shoulders regimen? I think there's also a prescription strength Nizoral cream if you haven't tried that already. I think it's good that you're leery of trying accutane before you've exhausted all other possibilities. It's a serious drug, and I wouldn't downplay the side-effects. Oral anti-fungal drugs are pretty heavy stuff too though- my docs wouldn't prescribe them to me for my folliculitis and dandruff. I have to slather myself with anti-fungal shampoos instead.

Maybe you could try an anti-candida diet and take probiotics for a while to see if that helps?

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