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Big pores and dry skin that produces TONS of OIL..

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hey guys..

i have been on the regimen for some time now for the first few months it worked its magic but later on in like october i started getting pimples again even tho i haven`t changed anything. The only problem with the regimen is that my skin has big pores on my nose area and around my cheeks and somehow this BP cream gets inside of the pores and it creates this nasty stuff and i have to squeeze this pores out..if i don`t then it just stays there and then becomes this nasty yellowish dried up shit in the pore... also when i sqeeze my pores out i get pimples in those areas.. ANYBODY knows how to clean those DAMN PORES without drying my skin? and My skin is dry but THEN it produces SOOOOOOO MUCH OIL when i use BP that i can sell it to MCDONALDS so they can fry french fries in it.... WHAT CAN I DO ??

my regimen

wash face 2 times a day..

put BP on and later on EUCERIN LOTION (the one prescribed by DAN)

i do it twice a day..

also i shave every 3days because i don`t grow that much hair and scrub my face every 3 days with some scrubbers...

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make sure you are keeping up with the correct amount of bp. You might need to go to a 5% bp solution like oxy balance. Also stay away from scrubbers that will irratiate more. If you have oily skin back off on the mouistriser or discontinue use of it. for people who already have super oily skin like me i have notice it becomes more havoic for me then helpful. Mouistriser is for people who get irration from bp and to help dryness. I recommend using queen helen mint julep masque to shrink the pores. Also use the tape method or those strips you can buy at the store. I would calm down on your shaving. I notice the less you shave the better off you are. Shave only when you really need to. Maybe once a week or so. I'm not telling everbody to stop mouistrisering. But for people that have super oily skin it causes major oil problems and build up on peoples faces. Even if it is non oil moustriser etc. But of course with people that have normal oil amounts moustrising is necessary.

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hey i can`t go of the Mouistriser because then MY face is DRY and starts to peel of especially at the mouth are...yeah i know my face is WEIRD.. it is OILY but DRY...i hate that... i was thinking maybe some vitamins can help with oil?

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If your skin peels often, try using scrub once a week or so. It helps me. Moisturizer just makes flakes stik to the rest of the skin, so you can't see them, but scrub actually gets those flakes off. After scrubbing put on moisturizer, so you won't get new flakes right away. Also, maybe you just got a skin infection of some sort, and scrub will scrub it off.

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I use Estee Lauder Deep Pore Mask twice a week and it really makes my skin clean and silky. After I had used it a few times I realized that it has oil in it, which worries me a bit, but I haven't had any problems. Clinique also makes a Deep Pore Mask which is oil free and has salicylic acid (although you may not want to use that with BP). The Estee Lauder mask is $20, but it lasts a really long time and works better than any other kind I've tried. Also, I have extremely dry skin that gets oily on the cheeks and nose during the day and this mask does not dry my skin out at all, or make it oily.

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