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Learning Curve of Dan's BP Gel

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I got my first tube of Dan's BP Gel yesterday!

I was going to have one a few weeks ago. My mom, across the country, decided to regale us both with our own tubes of BP gel (she's 52 and gets acne--her skin looks really young). The first one broke open in transit, so Dan sent a new one post-haste. Thanks Dan! Finally my mom shipped it out to me and now I have it.

It feels like rubbing water onto your skin. It doesn't feel like there's anything there at all. Once it dries you don't feel caked or chalky or anything--just super light, like you were misted with mineral water or something.

The gel itself, though, seems kind of hard to handle. I squeezed out a finger length of it and began to work it into my cheeks, and suddenly the gel started to sort of melt and slide all over my hand. It slid all the way around to the bottom of my palm, and I was like "where'd the BP go?" I made a mess of myself and probably bleached my pajamas rather thoroughly :clap:

It disappears into your skin FAR more easily than the Neutrogena On-The-Spot. I'd even say it's easier to work it into your skin than the Proactiv BP. However, I'm gonna have to get a lot more coordinated...

Anybody else have to learn how to use Dan's BP, or am I just a spaz?

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I think it does tend to slide around in warm conditions... is the room warm/humid where you were applying?

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I would just try applying in 3 batches of smaller amounts, using your finger joints as markers to get the full amount recommended. One squeeze for each cheek, then one for your forehead, chin area, massaging each area in before going for the next one. I know what I'm trying to say here, but do you? wink.gif:lol:

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Hey, yea I had the same trouble with ZapZyt gel. I put it in the freezer 10 minutes before I use it. It really helps keep it together, feels good(from the cold), and many doctors and people have said that BP is more effective that way. Go figure. biggrin.gif

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