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Do you talk about acne with your friends?

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For example,

One of my friends had quite severe facial acne when we were in school, whilst I had mild. We're basically best friends, but it was just one of those things that was never discussed.

Now we're older, both of us have improved - my friend's facial acne is all but gone (though has left a few scars, which I *know* he's really conscious about, though we've never discussed it), except for his chest/back which is still quite affected, but we only see that when swimming or at the beach etc, and he's still quite confident about taking his shirt off, which I probably wouldn't be, if I was in that position.

When I've been over his house before, I've seen similar products to those that I've used, in his bathroom also - PanOxyl etc etc, as well as packets of the same antibiotic I'm on.

I've always been really tempted to bring up a conversation about it, to talk about the antibiotics or whatever, but am never sure of the reaction I'll get.

Also, sometimes I have to take my antibiotics out with me when we go out if I'm not at home for the time I usually take them, and friends have seen me take them, and asked about it - but I always just say they're headache tablets or something. I don't think I could ever admit - at least to my friends unaffected by acne - that I was taking such a medication.

What are people's opinions on this?


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I talk to my best friend about it everyday to where she's like, "You know what, shut up."

She's taken accutane before and she hung up on me one time when I told her about the guy I read about who's acne was worse after five years taking accutane, :shifty:.

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cynic: I'd say u talk to your friend about acne. Always good to have a sympathetic friend. It might be awkward at first but i bet you'll both feel loads better after discussin it.

I talk to my best friend about it everyday to where she's like, "You know what, shut up."

Ha ha ha! Thats great. If I had to listen to myself whine I'd tell me to shut up too. biggrin.gif

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I talked to one of my best friends about it. But you know its hard to relate, he has absolutely no clue how it is. I even showed him the forums here and he laughed at all the suicidal people. Yeah I do think people wanting to kill themselves over acne is stupid too. But I guess only our fellow sufferers can relate to how we feel about acne.

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I talk to my best friend about it everyday to where she's like, "You know what, shut up."

I think my mum is on the verge of saying that to me! tongue.gif

I only talked to one friend about it, because she's had a lot of success with a treatment she is on but my acne is worse than hers so I'd rather not talk about it. I don't talk about it to anyone else... 'cept you guys..

Hey, how is your acne today? wink.gif:lol: Not quite like that but almost...

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