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Okay, so heres the deal. My name is Drew, im 15 years old, and i have a SERIOUS problem with Red Marks on my forehead, chin, and somewhat on my nose. I started getting red marks in the month of November, during hockey season (which i play). since then, its been 6 MONTHS, and i have seen little to no improvement. There are NO pimples there either, all red marks, i cant feel them, and they dont hurt. they are red, not brown. I have used every face wash in the books. Proactive, SkinID, Clean and clear, clearisil, oxy.. etc. NOTHING has cleared up these red marks. So if someone COULD PLEASE! help me with this problem, i would LOVE THEM!


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A face wash is not going to heal those red spots.

As you have said you have no acne, but these red marks are pesistant, the likely case is that this is PIH scaring (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).

You should look into getting a AHA treatment, such as Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion or Acne.org's AHA+ treatment found on this site. These products contain 10% glycolic acid which will accelerate the rate of exfoliation which means any marks brown or red will fade at an accelerated rate.

You can also look into lightening treatments in conjuction with Glycolic acid, I recommend using these in conjuction with Gycolic as it will produce extremely fast results. Kojic acid is the main product it can be found in Vita K for blotchy skin, but I recommend SkinCeuticals Phyto + which containts Kojic acid and Alpha-Arbutin (another lightening alternative to Hydroquinone.) it can be found on eBay in sample vials for much cheaper then the retail price.

Kojic Acid and Glycolic acid can then be used in combination with Hydroquinone, which can be found in Palmer's Skin Success line of products. These treaments altogether should cost around £35.00 and will work very fast and effectively to remove the red marks left over by acne.

You can look into more natural treatments such as Emu Oil and Aloe Vera Gel, Emu Oil gets exceptional reviews on this site for treating redness. But that is more so for redness caused by inflammation as oppossed to post-acne scaring. Both can be purchased on eBay very cheaply.

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