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Dark mark gone red. Good or bad?

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I've had this mark on my left cheek since last year. It was dark and flat.

I finally plucked up the courage to try some gentle exfoliation with a brush (the ones with the white brissles).

So I gave my face a gentle scrub with the brush for a few minutes, then splashed my face with cold water. Then I applyed some palmers cocoa butter moisturizer (with vitamin e). I kept it on for about an hour and a bit, then I washed it off. Then about an hour after doing that, I looked in the mirror to find that the flat dark mark on my cheek is now reddish and slightly bumpy.

Is this a good sign? Because I hear that red scars fade quicker than darker scars.

If this is the case, then i'll keep exfoliating once every 2 days, then i'll post my results after a couple of weeks. :surprised:

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