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If Sodium Laureth Sulfate clogs pores, how the heck are Aveeno products non-comedogonic?

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The title says it all. I just read somewhere that sulfates clog pores. I have been using Aveeno products for years, and I just looked at my cleanser and it had a sulfate! I'm not sure if its contributing to my breakouts or not, I'll have to experiment to see because I have been using aveeno for years.

So, how the heck can the product claim to be non-comedogenic?

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We often rely on those safe, scientific-sounding words on the labels like “non-comdeogenic†and “dermatologist approvedâ€. These labels suggest that the product has been tested by skin care experts who have found the product to meet certain levels of standards.

Unfortunately, it turns out that these terms really don’t mean much of anything. These product claims used by manufacturers are not regulated in any way by the beauty industry or by the FDA. There is no official standard against which these terms can be measured or tested – so essentially, any company can claim that their products are non-comdeogenic or dermatologist approved, regardless of what is actually in the products or how the products were tested.

There are a number of other phrases used on product label that are not regulated either – including “allergy tested†“fragrance free/unscentedâ€, “hypoallergenicâ€, “non-irritating†and “sensitivity testedâ€. The Consumer Reports website contains a very helpful database where you can search common terms used on product labels to determine whether or not they are industry verified and meaningful to consumers:


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