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Getting Through Acne

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Hi Everyone

I'm here right now to give some advice to all those out there who are suffering with acne. I once had pretty bad acne and I felt like I wouldn't get through it. Well, I 'm to give some advice on how to get through this. It is a huge fight. I know what it is like to try product after product only to find out that as you try more your acne seems to get worse and worse. I myself probably tried five or six different medications before I found something that worked for me. I tried over-the-counter, home remedy and prescription before I found something that worked. It now a HUGE blessing to be able to say "I am acne free" and after going through all that crap there are some things that I wish someone had told me before I went through this.


I really wish someone had told me this before I went through this. Doctors know a lot about acne but there is still a ton they don't know about. Please, go to the people who know a least something about acne rather than trying to take it on by yourself. Believe me you don't want to do that. Start here at acne.org with the Dan Kern Regiment. If that doesn't work go to the doctors. If that doesn't work go to the dermatologists. I made the mistake (after finding out that I was allergic to Benzyl Peroxide) of just trying random crap instead of going to a medical professional and saying “I NEED HELP". Please don't put yourself through the pain and heartache of losing hope and giving up before finally crawling to get help.


This is one of the hardest things in our society now days. We are the used to the "microwavable" world where everything come within five minutes or less. This is in no case like that at all. It took be years to find something that worked for me (Tazorac), and once I found that it took three months just for the acne to stop. It then even six more months before all the red spots went away! It's a lot of waiting. Give your acne medication a while before you dismiss it. There were many times, while I was using Tazorac, where I felt like trying something else because it seemed like the medication wasn't working, but I hung in there and now I am acne free!


I will tell you right now, what works for someone else may or may not work for you. My brother went to the DKR when he got acne so when I hit the teens so did I. I used it for a while but then found out that my skin developed an allergic reaction to benzyl peroxide. My face was constantly itchy and I even got these bad scabs on my face. It was very embarrassing, but I kept using it because Dan Kern said "this regiment should work for most people". Well he is right it DOES work for most people, but that is MOST PEOPLE that is not always you. I kept using it because I thought I was doing something wrond in the regiment (too much aggravation, too much touching of the face etc.) People would post on the review pages "THIS IS THE BEST MEDICATION EVER A+++++++" well that is wrong. IT IS FOR YOU! There is a medication out there that will work for you to some degree. I can almost guarantee that. There are boundless arsenals of medications out there, at least ONE should make your acne better. Just remember, we were all created different so some things may work and others won't try all you can.


No matter what happens during your fight never. never, ever give up. There were so many times that I was so crushed emotionally from acne. I would try and try and try but nothing would work. I was allergic to BP, had sensitive skin, and nothing was working for me. I would pray night after night "Lord please cure my acne" only to find that the medication that I would try would make my acne worse or would burn my skin. I know the feeling of when you approach a beautiful, acne-free girl but feeling scared to talk to her because you feel you look "ugly". Even if you feel like this NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. When you stop caring that is when you know for sure you will never get your acne cured. If you keep trying and never give up hope you will find something out there. It will never rain forever, the sun will always shine once the clouds have passed. When you get through it you will look back at what you went through and say "I am glad I hung in there". If I had just stopped in my tracks and said "I give up" (which I felt like doing) you will regret it. There is always hope for you.

I am glad to say that my prayers were answered and that I live an acne-free life. These were my experiences, they may be different from yours but I hope this helps. After going through all that acne crap I learned a lot and I hoped I could pass some advice down from what I went through. Some people have had situations 5x worse than mine and I hope they can give you some advice. I keep you all in my prayers because it is a rough, rough battle and we need all the help we can get. I help this helps.

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Thanks for this your advice is appreciated! And congrats on your acne clearing up. I'm about to try Dan's regimen myself, I'm just waiting for the products to arrive in the mail so hopefully this is the regime that finally does the trick.

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