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Popping pimples....

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I've been doing the regimen for a little more than a month now and my pimples are worse than ever. Not only that, but every pimple that goes away is leaving a red scar, which they never did before (and I'm pretty sure is because of the BP). I always use to pop my pimples with pretty good success and never got scars.

My wedding is coming up in just about a month and I'm not sure whether I should continue the regimen. Even if it does get rid of the pimples (which it doesn't seem to be doing), I'm still probably going to be stuck with these scars for several months. So I'm thinking I have two options:

1) Go back to acne free (what I was using before) and see what success I have.

2) Keep on the regimen and try to pop some of the more stubborn pimples. It seems that, since I'm not popping them, they stay around for at least a week, then, by the time they're dying, new ones pop up (they used to disappear within a day when I popped them, so I never had too many at a time).

I know, being the acne.org board, everyone will be a little biased, but what should I do? It doesn't seem this is working.

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I say stick with it. It's not uncommon for people to continue to break out for a while after starting The Regimen. Most users see significant clearing by the third month.

Maybe you could add in AHA to try to fade your PIH a bit (you can also use it as a spot treatment on newly-forming pimples).

And be careful about popping your pimples--picking at your skin increases the chances that you'll end up with PIH and/or scarring. If you absolutely have to pop them, make sure you do it correctly.

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I would stick with it. Make sure you are being gentle when applying the regimen. Don't force it or rub it in. You're just suppose to glide it over the surface. You could also adjust the amount of BP you are using. Either raising or lowering or both to see what happens. And yeah the AHA should help with the scarring/redness.

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STICK WITH IT! it got worse for me to but aftr about 2 months of str8 up treatment twice a day im completely clear! and ive just recently aded aHA into my regimen and its just making my skin even more perfect now, =) i also however take zinc, vitamin e, B-50 complex, Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and vitamin c but i dont think it rly did anything for preventing acne, just reducing scarring and reddness everywhere and on everything by alot! so keep on at it and i guarantee u it will be all good within a month =) just stick to twice a day! =D good luck

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