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what foundations have you guys used that don't break out your skin?

I keep struggling with trying to find a holy grail foundation. Right now I'm using the New Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation, I've been using it for about 4 days and tonight when I went to wash my fash I noticed my whole face was kind of broken out..which doesn't normally happen. My face has been looking pretty good lately so this was really a big setback. I don't know if it is the makeup or not really, because I didn't breakout the first day or so of using it. And it looks great on. I also have been tanning, and I laid out this afternoon in the backyard and Idk if for some reason the sun could have irritated my skin? (I do use the AHA treatment of Dan's) so I'm not really sure what to think. I think I am going to continue using the foundation for a few more days to see how it does.

But in case this is the issue, I need some ideas for good foundations for those of us who suffer from acne.

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Its probably a mixture of factors, the sun definitely irritates the skin so putting foundation on top of irritated skin wont help matters.

Id suggest using an oil free primer, find one that is soothing, they are usually very silky in texture and glide on without any irritation. Nars do a good one, gosh and No7 ( UK only) and of course mac. I wouldn't go for the cheaper brands as I find they irritate more.

Clinique have just brought out a foundation especially for blemish prone skin maybe you could try out a sample of that. ( Clinique are really nice when it comes to make up and product samples ) I've not tried it so I couldn't recommend it personally.

Id also say don't spend too much time in the sun as it dries your skin up, which people say is a good things but then your skin goes crazy with the oil production. So moisturise well afterwards.

I use Nars sheer mat and primer, i've never had a problem. Also I've found Dior foundations don't break me out.

have you thought about what you are aplying it with, a dirty brush sponge or even not washing your hands before applying could break you out. Wash brushes with gentile cleanser and hand sanitizer on your hands just before you put your foundation on will help that.

Hope this helps


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